about furddy

Why was Furddy created?

It all started from the two luckiest days of our lives when Melon (The Fat Pug) and Cookie (The Chihuahua Boss) descended upon our family. We have never been happier since and can no longer live without them. During their everyday life, it has always been somewhat difficult to find well designed, fashionable, as well as quality lifestyle products for Melon and Cookie.

So on one of those sunny days in Cali, a random thought came about, "Why not start a business building some fun and great products for like-minded dog-luving hoomans and ever-spoiled hooman-luving pups?"

After over a year of preparation, we launched Furddy.


Who are we?

Furddy is a Los Angeles, California based small family owned and operated business inspired by our beloved brand ambassadors, Melon and Cookie. All of our products are in-house designed in Los Angeles, California and manufactured by our production partners to our specifications in order to ensure design authenticity, functionality, and quality. 

All of our products go through concept, design, prototyping, ambassador testings, and field user testings to ensure satisfaction.


Westside Supermarket Collection of plush toys designed by Furddy

We love our community and it is this community and locale that gave us this opportunity to have created Furddy. So we always try our best to find design inspirations right around us and our southern cali roots.



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